MerchSprout China Quality Control Services

China Quality Control Services

Quality Assurance is how you ensure, through due diligence that you get the best product for your needs. Merchsprout’s team of in-market Auditing specialists ensure you get the China experience you deserve. Through our lean manufacturing quality background employing operational excellence principles, rest assured we have you covered regardless of the project scope.

Factory Inspection

Factory Audit with feet on the ground. This the service if you need to verify your manufacturer.

China Factory Audit

Have you purchased or sourced a new component, item or service from a supplier in China? Do you want to know the true capability, capacity or equipment at their disposal? Choose our China Factory Inspection Service for an independent visit to your supplier.

Product Inspection

Conduct quality checks on the components before shipping at your factory

Product Quality Control Inspection

Wherever you sell product; eBay or Amazon, shopfront or Shopify, assuring quality is paramount! We will visit your supplier and inspect your stock using proven Quality Assurance testing techniques.

Continuous improvement

Utilising Lean Manufacturing techniques we deep dive into your current manufacturing system

Factory Quality Improvement

Or already struggling with a supplier and in need of China-based assistance? Are poor quality defects, inadequate transportation methods, bad management or careless simple mistakes affecting profitability?