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Are Chinese products worth it? And how to find out. The testing tactic that’s vital when buying Chinese imported products


When buying from overseas, especially in China its imperative that you test a product to customer-derived cycles. This allows you to take an unknown product you may not want to buy and understand its ability to survive in customers’ real-life usage environments.


The Supplier Scam: Why Chinese suppliers steal your designs- How to stop Chinese suppliers from stealing your designs

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 Do you want to know why NDA’s don’t work in China? Its because NDA’s only apply to the IP and the information that you share with your manufacturer. However, there is nothing stopping them in a NDA agreement from keeping that knowledge and making their own version of your product. Maybe even with your own tooling.

How to find the BEST Alibaba Suppliers- How to buy off Alibaba in 2024

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Find our comprehensive guide on how to import from China to the UK here:


How to find the BEST Alibaba Suppliers- How to buy off Alibaba in 2024 How to find, interrogate and research the best Alibaba suppliers. How to source from China and how to get the best possible supplier imaginable. How to import from China in 2022. How to source products from Alibaba. 

Why China is a harsh Environment to Manufacture in?


and Why new parts arrive rusty from China? The harshest environments to build products It’s hard to manufacture products in environments like China; its hot, humid and rusty parts are everywhere. This video discusses how to develop your product specification to ensure that your products are manufactured correctly and get to your customers in the best possible condition. If you are selling on Amazon and have found those 3-star reviews because your product gets to you in a poor broken condition. Then this video is for you.

How to develop new product ideas from scratch: The SCAMPER model!

How to develop new product ideas from scratch: Watch this first! If you want to get that new product idea, you need to get your mind running, get your problems ideated and come up with that new product idea? We discuss in this video the SCAMPER model of idea generation. We talk about how it can be used to iterate new product ideas and how we can use the SCAMPER model to come up with new unique ideas.

How I get better quality products from China, Every single time.

Manufacturing in China? What your suppliers want to know. How I get better quality products from China, Every single time. Why do you need product specifications to get perfect products every time you re-source products? Do you know what the differences are between an Apple product to the cheap knock off copies that are produced? You would think as both products are made in China that they should be of equal quality. But we all know they are not. How is it that Apple is able to harness the best of the Chinese supply chain yet the rest of the sourcing entities struggle?

Why do successful products fail when launched- Why products don’t sell?

How to build that new 1 million pound product? How to design a product for success? We all know that building any new product is a hard and laborious journey. It’s hard to design a product, hard to develop a product and hard to market a product. But what happens if your product has no market at all? Well, you need to ensure, to build a 1 million pound product, you have a market already for that product. That sounds like we need a crystal ball though? Well, we don’t. We do however need to conduct a certain degree of market research into our markets. We need to understand their pain points. The market’s sentiments and the market’s current competition. By knowing your buyer persona, your buyer persona’s pain points and where your buyer persona frequents to purchase items you will find your perfect market.

The Expert’s Guide to starting an import business from China

Starting an import business? What are the steps that you need to take to get your import business off the ground? What processes do you need to learn and what import business should you be.

Starting a UK import business in 2022. If you are still thinking about starting an import business and don’t know where to start take a look at our product development dashboard: it helps you on your way to getting the product designs ironed out and onto that successful roadmap of product success.

Incoterms you need to know

Importing from China?

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 Importing from China DDP vs FOB vs EXW Incoterms: Ship your stock more efficiently What’s the best way to ship from China?

DDP shipping from china Here we discuss the most asked question when it comes to shipping from China.

What’re the different terms, the benefits and cons and simply put, what’s the difference?

Be sure to understand that new Amazon FBA shipping cost. Create an Amazon FBA shipping plan and get to know your full costs of importing into the UK from China.

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Chinese Injection Moulds

Plastic injection tooling in China

What Do Chinese Suppliers Mean When Opening a Mould?

By far the biggest question asked is what do Chinese suppliers mean when they say you need to open a mould, or you need to buy tooling?

Well, find out what they mean when you need to open a plastic injection tooling.

Find out what a Plastic injection Mould is and the items around it, what’s included in it and why it’s so expensive.

How to import from China to the UK

In this video, we discuss how to get stock from China, how we can calculate import duties and freight. 

Behind the Imports- Podcast with Jake Harrell

Author, continuous improvement expert, and LinkedIn meme superstar; Jake Harrell joins us on this week’s episode of Behind The Imports.

Jake talks with George about his new book ‘Chasing Excellence’. Chasing Excellence is a book that discusses continuous improvement and explains how the everyday layman can frame their problems in a way whereby you can jump immediately into solving them. If you have issues that are dragging you down Jake discusses in Chasing Excellence how to implement systems to help you out, even when you know nothing about the situation at hand. What is Behind the Imports?

Behind the imports is a podcast from for importers of e-commerce stock, we discuss how you can import stock from overseas, how you can get the stock that you want at the quality you desire, and how we use our engineering background to ensure dealings with manufacturers in China and Asia go as smoothly as possible.

How to Audit Chinese Factories for Amazon FBA and more

In this video, we discuss how to get great quality of stock from China, what you can do to ensure you robustly audit suppliers and what to ask when visiting factories in China.

Hypothesis testing for means Acceptance In Sample Batches

Lets discuss how we can use Hypothesis testing for sample acceptance of larger sample sizes based upon small batches. 

Sourcing in China: The importance of a robust RFQ for Alibaba

We discuss how to construct a robust RFQ for Alibaba. Ever wondered how companies source items robustly from Asia? Take a look at some tips and tricks on how to construct an RFQ for your stock from China. Once a product has been designed and the decision been made to source the components required for the item, then an RFQ (Request for quotation) is required. The RFQ is how you provide the initial instructions and requirements to a supplier for them to make an initial assessment on the price to manufacture your product/ products. Here we provide some small tips on the construction of the RFQ, how and why we use standards, CAD and Drawings to gain the most accurate quotation.