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Behind the Imports- Podcast with Jake Harrell

Author, continuous improvement expert, and LinkedIn meme superstar; Jake Harrell joins us on this week’s episode of Behind The Imports.

Jake talks with George about his new book ‘Chasing Excellence’. Chasing Excellence is a book that discusses continuous improvement and explains how the everyday layman can frame their problems in a way whereby you can jump immediately into solving them. If you have issues that are dragging you down Jake discusses in Chasing Excellence how to implement systems to help you out, even when you know nothing about the situation at hand. What is Behind the Imports?

Behind the imports is a podcast from for importers of e-commerce stock, we discuss how you can import stock from overseas, how you can get the stock that you want at the quality you desire, and how we use our engineering background to ensure dealings with manufacturers in China and Asia go as smoothly as possible.

How to Audit Chinese Factories for Amazon FBA and more

In this video, we discuss how to get great quality of stock from China, what you can do to ensure you robustly audit suppliers and what to ask when visiting factories in China.

Hypothesis testing for means Acceptance In Sample Batches

Lets discuss how we can use Hypothesis testing for sample acceptance of larger sample sizes based upon small batches. 

Sourcing in China: The importance of a robust RFQ for Alibaba

We discuss how to construct a robust RFQ for Alibaba. Ever wondered how companies source items robustly from Asia? Take a look at some tips and tricks on how to construct an RFQ for your stock from China. Once a product has been designed and the decision been made to source the components required for the item, then an RFQ (Request for quotation) is required. The RFQ is how you provide the initial instructions and requirements to a supplier for them to make an initial assessment on the price to manufacture your product/ products. Here we provide some small tips on the construction of the RFQ, how and why we use standards, CAD and Drawings to gain the most accurate quotation.

How can you source from China using Merchsprout?

Merchsprout is a China supply Chain analysis and support company. We can provide almost every conceivable service from Chinese and Asian manufacturing. We have been based in China sourcing, buying, manufacturing and shipping for 10 years.  From it bi-lingual contract negotiations to shipping assistance. We have helped customers source off the shelf nuts and bolts, to full turnkey solutions from design through to import.


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