China factory Audit

China Factory Inspection:

Sourced a new component in China and require a factory inspection?  Or want a team to visit your factory and conduct an independent assessment; removing the need to visit China?

This is the service that is tailored for exactly that.

How does this Audit service work?

A remote assessment of the supplier is conducted using information gathered in this question page.

This information is then populated by the Merchsprout system into a bespoke check sheet and pushed to our China team.

The team review the data and advise if there is enough information to start the audit.

A confirmation email is provided to the client, with an invoice and a timing plan of the visit and details. 

Distance Audit Document and Report:

The Merchsprout China team conduct a distance Audit of the supplier, creating an initial report.

This report weighs the supplier on 3 key metrics, and compiles the necessary licences of the factory.

On-site visit:

The Merchsprout assessment team follow up with an onsite visit at the supplier’s facility, this ensures that the information provided in the distance audit document is accurate.

Point-based system:

The Merchsprout point-based system is an audit checking tool developed using LEAN automotive manufacturing techniques.

This analyses manufacturers capability, cleanliness and ability to produce components accurately, and repeatedly.

The output of this document is compiled into an easily read report accurately highlighting areas of weaknesses and improvements.

Testing current suppliers samples:

If required a Merchsprout expert will arrange the test and shipping of current production samples, with again a points-based quality control report being compiled.

Our testing documents conform to ISO 2859-1:2004-01 and capture failures in an easy to understand way.

The services that Merchsprout offer all adhere to our simple principles, ensuring that reporting is clear, concise and easy to read.

Workforce assessment:

Within the Merchsprout checksheet; workforce training and competence is captured.

The report allows you to gain a good FULL understanding of supplier capability and capacity.

What do you get?

Within days you will receive an impartial report with all the information. We then discuss the findings that were found in the report.

We can assist in implementing the recommended changes, or you can share it with your supplier. The report is yours to keep.

How to book an Audit:

Please provide us with as much information as possible and we will be sure to email you with confirmation of receipt within 24 hours to set up the initial meeting.


Please take a look here to understand our pricing structure.

How We Use Your Data?

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