Quality Control Inspection

Want us to contact your supplier and conduct a Quality control inspection on components waiting to be shipped?

Quality Control Inspection in China

A service developed for clients with sourcing complete; product produced and a requirement for an independent team to assess supplier and product, before shipping from China.

With hundreds of these inspections conducted, it’s easily the most popular service. Utilising a unique point weighted checksheet; developed using industry recognised quality metrics, it accurately tests products for fit and purpose. Relevant data is captured, photographed and documented with an easy to read report. 

How it’s done?

Once the form has been sent, an initial test specification is produced. This testing plan is based upon the product data and tailored independently for each item. After the test plan has been reviewed by the Merchsprout QC team, a discussion with the client is carried out to ensure all parties are happy. 

Once agreed upon, the Merchsprout team uses the information to conduct an initial distance Audit of the supplier; initial findings are shared with the client in an easy to read report. If happy; the team visit the supplier’s facility or location of stock to be inspected.

On-site inspection:

The health check report was developed using key quality processes of the automotive industry, it captures all areas of importance and highlights areas of improvement. 

Additional testing services:

Occasionally a more in detail analysis of the component is required, eg. Metallurgy or Toxicology report. If this is required a Merchsprout expert can assist in facilitating this testing process.

Book an onsite visit?

Please provide as much information possible, A confirmation email will be sent to clarify requirements. 

Products can be intercepted and tested in as little as 24 hours.

If you cannot see the service required, don’t worry. Get in contact here there is a service to suit every need.


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