Want to know the rules on how to fix anything?

So You Want To Know The Rules On How To Fix Anything?

Luckily, it’s just 3 simple instructions to follow to fix absolutely everything.

How frustrating is it when you come to an item, be it electrical or mechanical, try to switch it on or operate it, and it’s just dead? Or even worse, it presents a half-arsed attempt to do what its suppose to and promptly shits itself and proceeds to flop into oblivion of disappointment.

If you have found this article after a Google search intending on finding a solution to the issue that you are faced, then follow these simple instructions and quite possibly you may be able to fix the disappointment!

Do the easiest thing first!

Let’s not try and re-invent the wheel (just yet). Look at the easiest thing that will fix the issue.


Well because its the easiest. Check the simple things, is it plugged in? Is the power on? Has the breaker switch tripped out? The simple things are the easiest, and always the first to try on the list of problem-solving.

And when I say the easiest, I really mean the easiest; don’t overthink it. Really go back to basics on this. Does it need oil? Has it got oil etc.…

Don’t rely on the previous ‘Expert.’

Jesus, everyone is an expert these days, has someone already been there before you trying to ‘fix’ the thing.

In the summer, I was trying to fix a drill that had no go. I was informed by the previous operator; (my dad) the ‘Expert’, that the power supply was not working. Indeed after stripping the thing down, there was not any power getting to the motor, even with the switch pressed.

Of course, you start with the simple steps.

Is it plugged in- yes?

Is the plug switched on- Yes?

Does the plug supply electricity- Yes?

Is it the fuse- The ‘Experts’ Reply- Yes I have changed that…

So after stripping the thing down, the switch had no power, Strange that, must be an issue in the wire.

Looked in the plug to get continuity, to find no F**cking fuse.

Everyone is an ‘Expert’ these days. Don’t trust anyone, and start at the beginning.

The problem is usually you!

This may sound like a cop-out, but trust me, I have designed countless components and seen even more failures.

The problem of failures (especially premature failures) is 99% of the time operator error. The ‘thing’ is being used in a way that it was just not designed for. Using it for too long without stopping, or using the thing in an environment that it just was not tested in.

Please, have a read through the operation manual to find out the correct procedure for operation, and follow it. You will have many good years of usage out of many more components.

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