Sourcing Services

Arrange a Discovery Call With Us And Lets Find The Best Suppliers For Your Products

How The Sourcing Service Works

Merchsprout uses the information that you provide to search databases of Chinese and Asian factories, suppliers and trading agents to gain you the best price, quality and supplier possible using our unique sourcing system. It weights the suppliers on services, quality, lead time minimum order quantity and, of course, price. 

What Do You Get? 

Within days you will receive an impartial report with all the information contained within. Our recommended suppliers, what they can offer, their prices and our opinions on them. We then discuss the report with what we feel each supplier can bring to the table.

What Does It Cost? 

There are a number of fee’s dependant upon the services you require.
Basic sourcing of new stock in new suppliers is Free Of Charge.

If you require assistance in placing orders from the new supplier search then a fee of 10% of invoice cost is charged (this percentage is reduced depending on the total value of the stock).

Basic charges for New facility Audit start at £350 (plus VAT).

Sample visual inspection in China and sample consolidation for shipment £150 (plus VAT).

Onsite in facility stock inspection including AQL (to ISO 2859-1:2004-01) Starts at £350 (plus VAT) and is dependant upon batch size.