Quality Control Service in China

Quality Control Service In China:

Our Quality Control Service In China: Usual introductions need not apply here. Quality control is THE single, most important, duty to get right when sourcing items in China.

What’s contained within Quality control inspections?

Quality control does what it says on the tin. It’s a system to control quality. Usually conveyed through a process where an inspection is conducted, issues found, root caused and rectified. In an ideal world, those issue rectification details are fed back through communication channels and the production process developed; so those issues don’t reoccur. You can read more about quality feedback loops in our blog post here.

How to conduct one?

When a quality control inspection is carried out an investigator (either from the factory, or an independent inspection agent) selects a batch of items from a production run. This usually is a percentage of components of a full order, eg. 10% of components are inspected off a production run of 1000pcs. Meaning that 100 individual items or assemblies are inspected.

Interpolating the data from sample size allows the agent or inspector to estimate the number of defects in the entire production run. This is cross-referenced against a pre-defined threshold and a fault per number of items is calculated. An example would be:

“5 pens in a sample size of 100 did not work, the ballpoint on the pen was out of tolerance. We estimate that of a sample size of 1000 there are around 50 inoperable pens. Giving a 50FPT (Faults per thousand), this product, therefore, fails the inspection as our threshold of inoperable pens (in this failure mode the AQL is 10FPT)”

This is a simple example of how data is extrapolated to gain the number of failures in any batch; it then references against the AQL (acceptance quality limit) if above the number then it’s a fail.

So How Are We Different?

The fundamentals of a quality inspection are very similar in appearance. But like most things in life, the devil is in the detail. We operate using ISO standards: ISO 2859 to be precise. Our ISO driven quality checksheets accurately ensure that our inspection standards are industry robust and our clients can ensure that the reports received are clear and understandable.  Merchsprout was founded on quality foundations, ensuring that all aspects of quality are followed in everything we do.

“We are different because we care deeply about Quality.”

Our quality control documents are compiled before factory visits to ensure that all high-level issues and inspection points are understood by the QC team, this is gained from investigating the samples (using FMEA  techniques). We share the inspection points with the client and everyone understands the testing to be undertaken.

When at the facility individual components are additionally checked to ensure any issues that are outside the scope of the FMEA analysis are captured and documented.

Quality Control Service in China:

Merchsprout’s Quality Control service document conforms to ISO: 2859, and we can incorporate any additional Industry-standard checking service into our documentation as required eg. ISO:9013 (if plasma cutting of components is required).

Our Services?

We offer several services here at Merchsprout that encapsulate the entire quality process we have developed. Removing the need for travel to China. Have a look at our Audit and Quality control services click here.

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