Factory Audit Services in China

Factory Audit Services in China:


So why are Audit services so important? 

Factory audits, in general, do just that, they Audit. This means that an independent examination of the process, quality and cleanliness is conducted. In the first instance, factory audits and inspections are conducted soon after highlighting a supplier for your product, as described here.


Factory Audits should be continuous:

Factory Audits should not be solely reserved for the initial inspection; conducted once and only once. They should be a continuous evolution of quality; throughout your manufacturing period. Audits ensure that quality thresholds are met and understood by all parties. Utilising a combination of Six Sigma, ISO:9001, ISO:14001 and 5S we ensure that our inspection techniques accurately capture, and report on true, factory status. 

So why is this important when it comes to oversea audits?

“Remote inspections are impossible…..”

Strong statement right? It’s true: Full Factory Audits cannot accurately be conducted remotely. A trained factory inspector is required, there, on the ground.

Here at Merchsprout, we pride ourselves on quality of documentation and method,  actively capturing manufacturing defects before the concerns leave the door. 

So how are we different?

Allowing clients to have an industry trained organisation on the ground in China was the first problem point that we wanted to undertake when we set up business in the inspection industry. Holding our processes accountable to International Standards allowed us to maintain a global standard, something we felt was missing in the China inspection service.

We ensure that when developing our investigation processes and inspection checksheets we adhere to the standards of international quality.

Our services?

We offer several services here at Merchsprout that encapsulate the entire quality process we have developed. Removing the need for travel to China. Have a look at our Audit and Quality control services click here.

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