China Buying and Sourcing Services

Choose which China Sourcing Services Best Suits your needs:

Source a New Item

Do you want to start from the beginning? Have a basic idea of what you want? Take our free sourcing quotation service here.

Here you can look for a new item from a clean slate. We can help design, draw, build and get your product idea to manufacturers. We populate an RFQ in Chinese on your behalf and we select suppliers based on your needs.

Re-Source your components

Want to re-source to get a better price, or even globalise your current production products? Start here if you have items in production already.

Are you already sourcing your items from China, but want to improve those margins. Or do you want to Globalise your production? Take a look here and see if we can help improve your price. We have a great track record at gaining better value for money from your supplier.

If you are stuck and thinking “I JUST WANT SOMEONE TO SHOW ME WHERE TO BUY STUFF!” don’t worry. We have all been there wanting to know how to get the things we desire from that magical place that is China. If this is you, just drop us a mail HERE.