Why Being Objectively True Should Be Your First Focus In Business?

Why Being Objectively True Should Be Your First Focus In Business?

The Less Connected You Are To What Is Objectively True, The Less Likely It Is You Will Be Able To Make Valid Decisions

Elizabeth Holmes

10 billion that’s impressive, indeed at the time, there was mass fanfare around the founder; Elizabeth Holmes; a college drop out, that, at that period had an estimated worth of almost 4 billion.

To Be Objective

To be objective is to ensure you use real information points; data, to assure yourself you do not believe something to be true when it is not. It’s using the real, scientific process to prove, or disprove hypothesis’ and gain true clarity.

Objective vs Subjective

If objective data- derived from testing- is using the information to conclude a hypothesis, then subjective is the opposite. It’s not entirely dumbfounding, it can, for example, user experience, or use someone’s expertise in certain areas to make a judgement. But it’s not using methodically based data to get to a conclusion. It’s using a subjective assessment, usually by a human, to assess a situation.

Why Subjective Assessments Are Open To Error

What about if the engineer had been to an ACDC concert the night before a subjective assessment, and had tetanus, or (in my case) the engineer was an avid drummer and loved nothing more than to smash some cymbals within an inch of their life in an evening. Subjectively assessing something, therefore, could then drive some errors into the data. Different engineers had different ears; a whole host of external factors can alter subjective assessments.

Applying This To Business

You may have been in a meeting with a senior manager or director, and he or she throws the BS bingo card phrase “Where is the data”, or “We are a data-driven company, I want to see the data”. To only receive data that was obtained subjectively, he/she is satisfied…

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