Factory Audit

Arrange an Initial Factory Overview from our Expert Audit Team.

A Merchsprout expert first assesses your supplier remotely using our initial audit document. This is tailored to your needs to ensure it captures all items necessary for us to provide you with an initial assessment. If satisfied with the remote audit results we visit your factory and assess it with our LEAN manufacturing-based assessment.

We conduct a full audit health check. Allowing you to understand if this is the correct supplier to conduct business with.

What do we do?

We inspect the current product and manufacturing process, offering an impartial assessment of manufacturing capacity, capability and equipment.

We ensure the production workforce is trained adequately, assess supplier engagement level and overall competence in communication, problem-solving and authority.


Please take a look here to understand our pricing structure.

What do you get?

We document and compile all necessary paperwork and authorisations to issue you with a simple, easy to understand report.

Please provide us with as much information as possible we will be sure to email you with confirmation of receipt within 24 hours and set up the initial meeting.

Arrange An Initial Factory Audit