A UK based company Sourcing from China

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A UK based company Sourcing from China

A UK based company Sourcing from China

Are you looking for a UK based company that sources products from China? 

Here at Mechsprout, we pride ourselves on being available for our clients in their time zone. 

We are here when you are here

Because our offices are based in the UK, we have you covered at a time that suits you.

So if you want a service that:


This includes:

  • Find’s the right supplier
  • Audit’s suppliers
  • Searching for the right price
  • Conducting price negotiations
  • Production follow up
  • Conduct quality control
  • Ensure product compliance is met
  • Conduct testing and Quality Control
  • Assists with shipping

Then we are the company for you. 

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What If I Have No Experience In Dealing With China?

If you have next to no experience in dealing with suppliers, quality control or importing and need help finding a supplier in China for any of your components or commodities; do not fear.

You have taken the first steps in the right direction.

I would advise taking a look at our post on a brief introduction on how to source in China.

What Services Can I Expect; Bang For My Buck?

Sourcing services and fees vary greatly between agents and sourcing agencies. It’s important to understand the pros and cons of each.

Be sure to gain all the information of services and fees associated with each level of service that is offered at the start.

Often, sourcing companies will offer some of the basics for free, then charging a percentage fee as the services increase.

Both initial upfront costs and free basics have their benefits and pitfalls.

Pricing plan and FAQ

Turnkey Sourcing options

We can arrange an entire turnkey solution for your product from source to your door.

Trouble-free sourcing solutions. Add us on Linked in here.

We can calculate an accurate cost from the initial sourcing that has quality baked in. Get in touch for a free quotation.