6 Simple Steps To Source From China

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6 Simple Steps To Source From China: Use our simple, easy to follow guide to source the products you want, at a price you expect, with the quality that your customers desire.

Step 1: Choose a Product Idea

Easier said than done… I know. Use our tips and tricks to decide on a niche product that will kick start your success.

Step 2: Create Engineering Drawings

Using our engineering background we can advise and guide on all aspects of engineering drawing creation.

Step 3: Finding a Supplier

Use our supplier finding tips to get a good idea of who and what you are looking for. Remember all our education material is free!

Step 4: Getting a Quote

Use our RFQ generating tips and tricks to generate an accurate request of what you need. Using our team of experts with a global footprint this has never been easier.

Step 5: Generate a Purchase Order

Using our team with over 25 years experience, generating big ticket items such as purchase orders are a day to day ease. We can help you at every step.

Step 6: Receive the Shipment

Forget about those confusing shipping terms, we have all bases covered, EXE, FOB, CIF, AWB….. Brain hurting from all those TLA (Three letter acronyms) on shipping. Dont worry we have you covered at every step.

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