Controlling Manufacturing For You In China And Asia

Controlling Manufacturing For You In China And Asia

Sourcing, Auditing and Quality Assurance On Suppliers. Removing the cloud of confusion around sourcing In China

Driving Quality Product Procurement From Chinese Manufacturers, Vetting Suppliers, Managing Projects and Supply Chain Management

MerchSprout Services

Merchsprout provides almost every conceivable service from Chinese and Asian manufacturing. We have been in China providing purchasing and quality assurance support for 10 years in major corporations.  From bi-lingual contract negotiations, new supplier sourcing auditing and advice, all the way to shipping; we offer single sourcing to full turnkey solutions ensuring you get what you need from suppliers.

We understand that you want clarity and information; knowing you want costs from suppliers with full transparency, with robust timescales and  information that’s understandable.   

We have helped customers source off the shelf nuts and bolts, to full turnkey solutions from design through to import. 


Want to find good quality suppliers?


Do you want us to find your new or next perfect product? We source sustainable products for you using high-quality suppliers.

Audit and Quality Control

Get quality products repeatadly from suppliers.

Audit and Quality Control

Quality control services and on the ground inspections in suppliers? We visit your factory and inspect your stock before shipping.

Learning Hub

Companies big and small source from China. Want to learn how?

Learning Hub

Or learn how to do it all yourself. How to source, gain the products you want and need, and deal with Chinese suppliers independently.

Watch our Expert's Sourcing Tips

Ensure you have the best tips and tricks at your fingertips by checking our free videos and webinar’s here. We have catch-ups with industry experts, and we teach you how you can get the best quality products out of China and surrounding areas.

How we help you?

Educate for success

books, stack, book store

Be it from just reaching out and asking for advice or a full turn-key sourcing and production project. We can help from conception to launch. Our team ranges from experienced purchasing to automotive testing engineers. Whatever the project, we have the capability and staff to manage the situation and gain the best quality for your customer.

Understanding Quality

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Quality is what drives us, and its what we use to drive your projects too. We strive for quality on your product as it was our own. We know when to push suppliers to get more. But as important we advise you on the true capability of the manufacturers. We don’t hide anything; it’s all for you to see.

Auditing Perfection

How To Audit Suppliers in Asia

We use complete Auditing systems, so no stone is left unturned. We understand China and Asia. We understand the mindset and use our experience and understanding of the supply base to ensure that due diligence is conducted on your supply chain. 

Sourcing Completeness

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When we embark upon a sourcing project we understand how sometimes the situations can be concerning, and its totally reasonable to feel vulnerable when conducting deals outside of your comfort zone. We will help and ensure that all items are easy to understand and explained in a way that you can understand.

Stay up to date with our latest sourcing articles

Please read about our sourcing, quality and auditing topics here. We have topics covering all aspects of gaining the products you want from China and surrounding areas.  

Why I Need Merchsprout's Purchasing Agents In China and Asia?

Many services are offered by agents worldwide; these agents work with Chinese factories and suppliers.

Sourcing agents in the first aspect of the role represent you, the buyer. They source commodities and buy your products on your behalf. But they may not always ‘get’ you, your product aspirations, quality expectations and ultimately things get lost in translation and can be extremely frustrating, especially when considerable investments are involved.

Traditionally sourcing agents do just that, Source. However, our China agents offer a multitude of services all stress-free and available when you need.

This includes:


Stay in Touch and Gain Sourcing Tips and Tricks Weekly